Green Marketing Audit


To gain full advantage from environmental and CSR activity, they should not be approached as an isolated work stream of the company.

The organisations that benefit most from their environmental undertakings are those who give full consideration to their market, competitors and other stakeholders (employees, clients, customers, suppliers, interest groups, regulators etc.). Using this awareness, with environmental improvement as a point of differentiation and innovation, organisations can carefully position themselves to gain maximum advantage.

The service used to help organisations identify what opportunities and risks the environment brings to them is known as a Green Marketing Audit. It is a process which uses primary and secondary research, thorough analysis and best practice marketing techniques to pull together a clear picture of where the organisation is currently and where it could be, through effectively leveraging green marketing. The results can then be incorporated into future marketing planning and executed to deliver a range of commercial and social benefits.

The output of the audit is delivered in a comprehensive, clearly structured report. It details, summarises and prioritises the research findings, identifying risks and opportunities. Clear recommendations are made to help direct future business and marketing activity.

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