Research and Analysis

Key stepping stones:  Marketing Audit, Stakeholder Analysis, Green Segmentation

Generate Insights – step forward from a sure footing


Are there questions that you would really like answered, in order to develop your green marketing confidently?  For example: how will changing consumer needs and increasing environmental awareness affect your market in the next few years? What steps and communications would help retain your largest, most demanding clients?  How could you innovate, with more sustainable alternative to your current proposition ...and would there be demand for it?

Not to be underestimated, good research & analysis deliver key insights that help closely align your business to your customers needs, to create value. 

To generate these insights, Remarq offer a range of green marketing services:

Green Marketing Audit:

A green marketing audit is a thorough, objective review that allows you to benchmark your organisation using a combination of customer research and segmentation, stakeholder analysis, competitor analysis, industry analysis and benchmarking processes. This quickly identifies the key areas risk and opportunity, focusing efforts on  ways to develop competitive green marketing and business practices. Read more on the Green Marketing Audit....

Green Segmentation

Green marketing and responsible business, like most things in life, does not appeal to everyone equally. Whether marketing to consumers, other organisations or an internal audience, there are different attitudes, behaviours, needs and expectations to consider - groups with common . The Remarq green segmentation tools provide the structure to help you identify, understand and deliver targeted communications to these segments. Read more about the Remarq Green Segmentation....

Stakeholder Analysis

Every organisations has a number of key individuals, organisations and groups who influence or are influenced by the their operations. Green marketing, completed effectively requires an understanding of the needs and expectations of each stakeholder, to facilitate satisfying these and collaborating with them. This analysis provides the groundwork, allowing you to do just that. Read more about Stakeholder Analysis....

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