Green Marketing Promotion and Communications

Effective green promotion and CSR policy in action

Stand out from the crowd – sustainably capturing your piece of the market

Are you a keen advocate of sustainable business or maybe under pressure from customers to 'be green'? Unsure of how your business could be greener or maybe concerned about getting caught up negative publicity from greenwash?

Organisations that want to achieve differentiation through green marketing have more than the customers to convince, there is a range of stakeholders who want to be reassured of the organisations activities, collaborate and ensure greenwashing is not present - judging whether the organisation is walking its talk. These stakeholders come in all shapes and sizes - for more information, see stakeholder analysis and green segmentation.

Whether it be formal CSR Policy and reporting, on product messaging or a poster campaign, Remarq will deliver compelling, highly targeted communications and green marketing promotion that will drive business advantage. We will do this is a way that stays true to the principles of such communication:

  • Authenticity - walking the talk
  • Transparency - providing the full story
  • Focus - reaching the right people at the right time in the right way

Our approach, driven by our passion for sustainability, is highly targeted to avoid wastage, whilst ensuring all customer contacts are positive for them and your brand. Through our partners, we can source the post consumer recycled paper, award winning responsible printing and electronic media that make campaigns less harmful to the environment and consistent with your green marketing message. These partners have the scale needed to offer high quality execution at an affordable price.

Remarq will always recommend approaches to marketing activity that are well structured and measurable.  Evaluating the performance of marketing activity harnesses learning and continuous improvement, driving increased return on your valuable investment. 

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