Environmental Management and Sustainability

Environmental Management

Walking the talk

Before communicating the green attributes and benefits of an offering, Remarq seek to ensure that the groundwork has been done, using CSR strategy and environmental management practices. This then means these communications are credible, based on fact and best endeavours - if people are to believe you, you must often under promise and over deliver.

Environmental Management services include:

Developing environmental management system and potentially getting this accredited (for examples as  ISO 14001) will bring  more credibility to your sustainability efforts and commitment to improve. Read more about environmental managment selecting it from the column on the left of the page.

Supplier Evaluation:

Responding to evaluation: If a customer is evaluating your contribution to environmental impact in the supply chain, we can help you formulate a positive response and put the processes in place to deliver on this commitment.

Instigating evaluation: If you require support evaluating your network and supply chain for environmental impacts, we can aid the development and execution of this process, including the identification of key risks and opportunities. Once the findings are known, we can support ensuring the compliance of all parties, to an acceptable threshold.

Environmental and CSR Initiatives:

Having a range of initiatives, such as events, partnerships, educational pieces and community projects for example is a great way to boost the green marketing efforts both internally and externally to the organisation. Remarq can help you conceive, plan and execute these initiatives.

Lifecycle Analysis and Green Product Development:

Understanding the effects of your offering, whether product or service through the full value chain is the first step of innovating to reduce this input. A lifecycle analysis considers the impacts at the inputs, processes and outputs stages of the product lifecycle, from raw materials, to manufacturing, to disposal. These can be measured, to gauge the impact of each element and developed to reduce the environmental impact at each stage through the green product development process.

This investment in being a more responsible business pays back:

  • If most customer has the choice between two similar, competitively priced offerings, the more sustainable proposition will often wins the purchase decision.
  • It makes commercial sense to be 'green. Today's customers regularly expect their suppliers to take a responsible stance towards the environment, or they will switch to a supplier that does
  • CSR initiatives do more than help win business - they often deliver cost savings, deliver efficiencies, innovate, increase staff loyalty, allow you to engage with a range of stakeholders and much more.

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