Innovation - Green Marketing Services

Remarq is a green and environmental marketing agency, helping clients solve the CSR, environmental management and sustainability communication jigsaw

Our green marketing services help organisation to:

  • Understand the risks and opportunities surrounding them
  • Identify how green your customers are and innovate accordingly
  • Analyse and address stakeholder expectations
  • Integrate planning for marketing, environmental and CSR activity
  • Improve environmental and CSR performance
  • Develop offerings to reduce impact on the environment
  • Communicate key messages in a clear and compelling manner

Research & Analysis 

Whatever the objective, research and analysis provides the foundations for effectively positioning in the marketplace. It will often highlight new opportunities. Our green marketing audit offers a comprehensive solution for organisations looking at what their next step should be:

Green Marketing Strategy & Planning 

Developing a well conceived marketing, environmental and CSR strategy and plan can be a crucial turning point for any organisation, focusing resource where the best opportunities for improved corporate responsibility and competitive advantage exist.

Green Promotion & Communications 

With the right support, organisations can produce sincere, compelling communications which avoid greenwash and transparently engage stakeholders in efforts they are undertaking. Whether this be an annual report or the back of the packaging, ensuring the message is well joined up across all aspects of business activity is a must.

Environmental Development  

Constant improvement is what it's about.  We can support you in developing a programme of CSR initiatives, green product innovations to lower the impact of your offering or help put your environmental management systems into place.

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Every organisation has different challenges and opportunities. Our services are designed to quickly direct efforts to where we can make the most tangible difference.